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2000 - Establishment of the company

2002 - With new owner the company began to focus on to pharmacy and related service. In the first phase, the company only offered educated sales force to third parties, in the second phase, the company started with drugs promotion to business partners. Over time, the company created it's own portfolio of medicines with the aim to be their marketing authorization holder.

2006 - The company introduced it's first products to their portfolio in the field of gynecology and oncology on the Czech market.

2010 - Heaton opened its first foreign branch in the Slovak Republic. There, the company began with the promotion of gynecological products through it's own sales team.

2012 - In the effort to increase efficiency the company was reorganized. Parent company Heaton Group a.s. possessing 100% of all subsidiary companies was created. Nowadays companies belonging to Heaton group possess marketing authorizations of several molecules. The company's portfolio includes medicines focused on gynecology, oncology, transplantology, urology, nephrology and hospital segment antibiotics. The portfolio is constantly expanding with new attractive molecules. The company is also engaged in their own research and development of oncology generics from taxanes with directional effect. In this area, Heaton has registred several patents.

2015 - Heaton continues in it's expansive policy and opens another branch in Romania, where it promotes oncology and gynecological products.

Heaton group continues in it's expansive policy with orientation to new territories, primarily in South-East Europe.

2016 -  As a result of the company´s expansion policy. Heaton´s products are offered in already 9 countries.

2017 - As part of the company´s efforts to strenghten it´s presence in the field of OTC products, Heaton launches a new product line for women´s health care products under the name GYNELLA.



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Heaton company creates value by providing medical products, services and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry with innovative and cost effective ways.

These values fixes that establishes the highest standards in service, reliability, safety and cost reduction in our industry.

Heaton Group holds a certificate ISO 9001/2008 for the sale and promotion of medicines, it is the holder of a distribution authorization, for handling narcotics and a certificate for good manufacturing practice (GMP).