March 18 – 19, 2016, Prague

Angis is the organizer of the traditional educational seminars for pharmacists throughout the country. On selected seminars in Usti nad Labem, Prague and Olomouc, Heaton was one of the partners of this meeting.

Prague conference was held in the Olympik hotel. Program of the two-day conference was composed of more than twenty lectures, there were presentations focused on bladder infections, insulin resistance during pregnancy and many other interesting topics. As a part of the program on Friday, MD. Tomáš Fajt, PhD. gave a speech on the topic "Prevention and Treatment of Vaginal Dysmicrobia". At the beginning of his lecture, doc. Fajt described a healthy vaginal environment and its immunity mechanisms, i.e. the ability of a woman to naturally protect herself against emergence and development of vaginal infections. He reminded the audience that the conditions of the vaginal ecosystem are, among other things, significantly influenced by hormonal situation and the mucosal immune system. Doc. Fajt went on to talk about the occurrence of certain microorganisms in the vagina, explained when the right moment is to start treatment and when the occurrence of certain microorganisms can be perceived as normal, or even desirable. Furthermore, he clarified the effect of lactobacilli on the proper functioning of the vaginal ecosystem. On the topic of treatment support options, doc. Fajt shared his experience with locally applied medicaments containing lactobacilli and lactic acid. Product Vagilact was mentioned by doc. Fajt in connection with phytoestrogens - soy isoflavones contained in Vagilact. In his lecture, he also mentioned Nagyn, which contains silver ions, and he recalled antibacterial and antiviral effect of silver and the benefits of its use in the treatment of vaginal infections.

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