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Leveraging the power of technology to find the optimal product offering

Motagon is a joint venture of Heaton AS with Jelinda (Germany) and KOMAND Consulting (Canada).

With team members located in North America, Motagon is bringing cutting edge products and expertise from the United States and Canada, two of the world’s most developed Cannabis markets, to the European continent.

Motagon’s mission is to guarantee that the optimal cannabis-based medicine is made available to all patients that can benefit from the qualities of the cannabis plant. In that aim, Motagon’s tailored product portfolio consists of:

  • EU-GMP manufactured cannabis flowers in different cannabinoid concentrations
  • EU-GMP manufactured cannabinoid extracts (full-spectrum/custom)
  • Advanced cannabinoid product forms

Motagon uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology processing real world data into results that can help physicians make better-informed decisions for their patients and improve their health outcomes.