A company is as good as the promises it keeps

We are a privately-owned international pharmaceutical company based in Prague, Czech Republic. Our fields of business are gynecology, urology, nephrology, diabetology, oncology and substitution treatment.

HEATON started to be active in pharmaceutical industry in 2002 and soon became a successful local pharmaceutical company. Gradually HEATON developed into an international company with business nowadays several countries of CEE, Western Europe as well as in Middle East and Asia.

HEATON is holder of over 30 registrations  of prescription drugs as well as a manufacturer of medical devices and cosmetics. HEATON covers various therapeutic areas (gynecology, urology, nephrology, diabetology, oncology, substitution treatment and specialized hospital treatment).

HEATON operates with own business and marketing representations in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Romania, where it promotes its products through a skilled team of medical representatives.


To offer unique solutions to healthcare professionals and by doing that to improve the lives of the patients.


To create values by providing health care products, services and solutions in the healthcare area in an innovative and cost-effective way.

The company continues to grow dynamically every year:



HEATON holds the ISO 9001 certification for sales and promotion of medicines, medical devices and cosmetics, and ISO 13485 certificate for non-active medical devices and in vitro diagnostics.
HEATON is holder of a GMP certificate, a distribution license and a license for handling narcotics.

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HEATON introduces a new subsidiary company Motagon focusing on medical cannabis.


Gynella was successfully introduced on the market in 7 European countries. Simultaneously Heaton entered the market in Germany with a team of business representatives.


HEATON entered the market of medical devices and cosmetics. The new OTC line of GYNELLA products was introduced on the market.


Products of the company are already in 9 countries, which fulfilled the expansion policy goals of the company.


HEATON opens a branch office in Romania and enters local market.


The reorganisation and creation of the company HEATON Group a. s. as the parent company for all its branch offices happens.


The first branch office abroad was opened. HEATON starts to promote its products on Slovakian market through a skilled team of sales representatives.


HEATON introduced its first medical products in gynecology and oncology.


HEATON started to be active in pharmaceutical industry and soon became a successful local pharmaceutical company.